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3 Qualities To Look For In B2B Sales People

When looking for B2B sales representatives, there are three critical factors you should be looking for. 



The first factor is experience.

We don’t mean just general sales experience, but experience as the top performer in an organization.

Now, of course in an interview,on a resume, on an online form, just about every candidate will tell you that they were a top performer in their last B2B sales job (whether or not they were).
And, so we will ask candidates about their previous performances, where they ranked, and what their metrics looked like.

Initially, I look to see if they really understand the numbers behind their sales. Are they saying things as like: “I was at the top of the pack,” or “I was the leader?” Or, do they know exactly what months they performed best and why?

I also reach out to their previous employers and asking them what their thoughts were about the interviewee’s performance and how they stacked up to the other members of the team.

This will give you an opportunity to really evaluate if the person you’re interviewing was a high performer at their previous positions.

I’ve worked for a lot of B2B sales organizations. And frankly, I’ve never let go of a top performer who was doing their job, behaving on premises, and hadn’t broken any HR rules.

The second factor is competitiveness.

In a B2B sales organization, you are looking for people who want to be at the top of the list month every month and will fight to be there. We’re looking for a highly competitive sales people.

We ask them some very straightforward questions about times when they found themselves in a competitive situation to gauge how they handled it.

You should ask behavioral-based interview questions based around times when their competitiveness was a factor in their work.

The third factor is optimism.

When it comes to optimism, does your prospective B2B sales person look at the world with a glass half full or a glass half empty mentality?

So, why is optimism important in hiring a salesperson? In B2B sales (or really any kind of sales) we face a ton of rejection. Even if we are in customer success calling existing customers or calling on warm inbound leads, we’re still facing a large amount of rejection.

Some days you go the entire day without a real positive conversation. You might speak with eight to 12 people and not one of them is interested in what you’re selling.

As a B2B salesperson, you have to be able to come in the next day and be optimistic that it will be a great day. You have to be resilient and you have to overcome bad days to start all over again.

So, the three primary factors I look for when hiring a B2B sales rep include their experience as a high-level performer, competitiveness, and optimism.

One tool I use in the hiring process to test out competitiveness and optimism is called SalesDrive.

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