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3 Reasons Cold Calling Is Still Important

Most successful businesses started with a long string of unanswered phone calls. Cold calling is an older sales tactic, but is still important for sales acceleration and business development.


Just look at Uber— what started as a small business idea seven years ago, has already grown to be a multinational company worth billions. Some of the first outbound phone calls at Uber were cold calls to Yelp. From a humble beginning of cold calling drivers to providing a technology service across the world, Uber shows us cold calling is important to business and sales growth. Here are three reasons you should be cold calling in order to continually grow your business.


1.) A phone call is simple


The Internet has completely revolutionized how we sell, market, and buy almost everything. The amount of advertising and marketing you see in just one day makes for a cluttered marketplace.


A phone call can break through the noise and complication.


When you cold call a prospective buyer, it’s an opportunity to clearly (and quickly) convey your message. An email to a prospect can take hours to craft and doesn’t promise any type of response.


On the other hand, phone calls allow conversations to flow quickly in order to solve problems and explain concepts. This could be why phone calls are 10x more likely to result in sales than any other communication medium.



2.) A phone call is the key to a great first impression


As noted before, so much of business development process has been computerized. A phone call gives you the ability to make a true connection with the person on the other line.


According Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist and author, conveying warmth in a relationship is crucial to build trust– and, email just does not have this relationship building capability. Your chances of making an appointment are 4.2x more likely if you make a personal connection with the person on the line.


Clearly, relationships, and not just transactions, are crucial in making successful sales.



3.) Cold calls aren’t really “cold” anymore


92% of all customer and buyer interactions are happening on the phone. This fact makes it that much more important to get yours prospects on the line. Tools like LinkedIn and automated email have transformed how sales reps make “cold calls.”


The beauty of the web is it allows anyone to research (almost) anything before any phone call. With email, a quick Internet search, and social media you can research your prospects before you ever pick up the phone. Here at ConversationDriver, we call this a #socialwarmup.


Let a #socialwarmup familiarize you with your prospective buyer so you’ll effectively convey your message once you have them on the line. This process lets you stand out before you even pick up the phone.


Remember: your next phone call could be your next sale. Everyone in your contact list is a prospect— you just have to seek them out. ConversationDriver makes it easier by eliminating gatekeepers and voicemails. You will only talk to live prospects. Using ConversationDriver for at least two hours per day will at least double your total call efficiency. Try a completely free demo of ConversationDriver today.


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