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4 Steps To Becoming A Better Outbound Salesperson on LinkedIn

There is no doubt LinkedIn gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to being an outbound salesperson. But, are you leveraging its power correctly?


LinkedIn makes it easy to be a better salesperson, especially when it comes to targeting, finding, and engaging with prospects. In this post, I will focus on how you can use LinkedIn to become a super effective “targeter.” One can quickly become frustrated with Googling companies (hoping they have a “meet the team” or leadership tab) and then calling into the company directory only to be told you’ve reached the wrong person or get blocked by gatekeepers. Following my method, you will save massive amounts of time with a simple advanced search on LinkedIn.


With time and efficiency as key factors in the success of any outbound sales person, taking full advantage of technology will allow you to free up much needed time to hone your craft and follow up with current prospects (and, ultimately make more sales!).


(Disclaimer: With great power, comes great responsibility. Use these tips wisely, don’t be a jerk! Respect your prospects time. Also, as an avid LinkedIn user, I am using a Premium account.)


1.) Figure out who you’re targeting.


The first step to finding potential clients on LinkedIn is to figure out who would benefit from what you’re selling. What industries, levels of decision makers, and company size are relevant to the product or tool you are selling? You will use these filters to narrow down your advanced search.


To become even more granular in your search, filter out geography to focus on certain states, regions, or cities. Don’t forget to use keywords! More filters on your searches simply gives you a more targeted audience to prospect.


Once I’m satisfied with my advanced search, I will save it which allows me to come back to it later. I can also save different searches for different types of clients. (Do note that you cannot save searches with a free LinkedIn subscription.)


2.) Do your research!


Filtering specific audiences on LinkedIn will still result in a large pool of potential prospects.


Next, take some time to do a little research on the companies and prospects you found in your advanced search. By simply clicking on the prospect’s profile, you can typically gather enough information to determine if you want to pursue them further. This will make the final count of prospects more manageable. 


Look for things that can help you build a more personal connection. I personally love it when they have a little golf icon as I am an avid golfer– it just makes it that much easier to build a rapport!


So, you have these great targeted searches on LinkedIn, you’ve done your research, and you know exactly who you want to target. Now what?


Save the prospects you’ve determined to be worth pursuing inside of Sales Navigator, which is an extension offered as part of LinkedIn’s premium subscription.


3.) Download Email Hunter.


This tool has changed my sales life! The ability to easily find email addresses is a huge advantage when it comes to being a master “targeter.”


Email Hunter is a free Chrome extension that uses company domain names to locate email address on LinkedIn profiles. Email Hunter allows you to quickly gather the contact information for your prospects you’ve targeted through your advanced search and further research.


4.) Turn prospects into connections.


At of this point, you haven’t reached out to any prospects just yet. Instead, you have been adding LinkedIn connections to grow your own personal brand recognition.


By connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn, they will inevitably view your profile. Information and updates you post on LinkedIn will pop up on their news feed, as well.


So, now when you do reach out, I find prospects are much more likely to entertain a conversation. And, then you can turn that conversation into a sale! As we’ve discussed previously, this is an important step in the #socialwarmup process.


By repeating these four steps, you will widen your network, better focus your prospecting efforts, and free up valuable time to keep up with your existing clients.


This process has given me the ability to call a prospect (almost always using ConversationDriver) and have them say, “Oh, Hi James! We just connected on LinkedIn, right?”


It’s easy to become a better outbound sales person– you just need the right processes and tools.


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