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Selling Smarter Is Easier Than Ever

Another day, another upgrade. We’re excited to announce a few changes to the ConversationDriver service that will only further improve your selling process.

For managers:

Managers have always had the ability to upload lead lists for their team. But, now these uploaded lists can be viewed, updated, and deleted through the manager portal. Now it’s easier to manage your team and the lists they are calling on.


Even better, managers can now schedule call sessions for sales reps. Thus, managers can plan out their team’s calling schedules in advance. Simply complete the date/time/rep fields on your manager dashboard and click the green “schedule” button to lock in a dial session.


ConversationDriver Schedule Session Example


The reporting feature is simplified. It only shows what you deem relevant and important information. At a glance, managers can now view the following information for every session completed and in progress: rep name, list name, start time, duration, dials, connections, and bad numbers.


For sales representatives:

For all your sales reps– we didn’t forget about you! We have some nifty changes coming your way.


Back by popular demand, the pop-up feature is up and running again! After logging into your dashboard, you will again be greeted with a list of your upcoming dial sessions plus the option to schedule new sessions. Made a mistake? You can remove a scheduled session by clicking the red “Delete” button next to the session entry.


ConversationDriver Popup Upgrade Example


As far as checking out your reports, we’ve made this easier, too. You will only see relevant info and at a glance you can view the following: list name, start time, duration, dials, connections, and bad numbers.


In your call details, you will see outcomes and notes right there in the table for an even quicker reference point.


Who doesn’t like when processes are streamlined? To make your selling process smarter, we have made activity streams for your leads.


To do this, perform one of the following:


1. Visit Leads, View Lists, and then click View next to a contact.

ConversationDriver Selling Leads Upgrade Example


2. Visit Calls, Reports, then Details to click on a contact’s name in the list that appears.

ConversationDriver Call Upgrade Selling Example


This will show you every point of contact with that user such as when they were dialed, what notes you took from the conversation, etc..


Don’t forget, ConversationDriver can now integrate your CRM systems. Contact your account manager today and start streamlining your selling even further.


ConversationDriver CRM Integration


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