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“It’s Worth Every Penny To Me”

ConversationDriver’s unique service can deliver results no matter how big or small your sales team.


Recently Jordie Kern, the founder of 7 Eagle Group, took the time to sit down and explain why our sales acceleration service fits into his sales process (and, how it is worth every penny to him). Here’s Jordie’s testimonial. 



Read the full testimonial transcript below.


“I just finished my first day with ConversationDriver and I want to share my experience because I am so impressed with these guys.


The results I achieved speak for themselves.


Today I devoted about a two hour time block to give their auto-dialing technology a shot. It could not have been any easier.


I uploaded a list of 231 leads to their online dashboard. It is extremely user-friendly and simple to navigate. Then, I just sat at my desk while their agents started calling on my behalf. When they get one of my prospects on the line, my screen beeped and I picked up the phone with absolutely no delay.


I had 24 conversations in the two hours: exactly 10% of my list. The best part was that I actually enjoyed it because I didn’t have to deal with the overprotective gatekeepers, the answering machines, the wrong numbers, or the busy signals.


It was so incredibly efficient and worth every penny to me.


It would have taken me two weeks to achieve the same results on my own because I would have gotten discouraged and procrastinated.


Tom and his team at ConversationDriver have been awesome and professional. They took the time to really understand my business and offered lots of great suggestions and support.


I don’t know about you, but if you hate cold calling as much as I do and you’re slammed at work, but you still need time every day to drum up new business, then I strongly recommend you contact ConversationDriver today.


I wish I knew about this service sooner. I am definitely hooked.”


See how our sales acceleration tool will increase your sales conversations by 400% or more by signing up for a free demo.


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