More conversations. More sales.

Dialers just get you to voicemails faster. We only connect you to live prospects.

Get in contact

Import Lists, Have Our Assistants Connect You Immediately

ConversationDriver Interface

Getting connected to your prospects starts with a list.

Import your own, hit a button, and our agents will deliver your first transfer in minutes.

Import and Manage Lists

Import your list of leads from anywhere including SalesForce, Excel, or any other system. Quickly and easily map your fields to ours including any custom information you want to show up when we make contact.

Define Your Call Rules

You have complete control over how we call your leads. Choose who to call, what time zone to call on, and even how often you want to call them back. No need to worry about harassing your leads, only have productive conversations!

Full Contact Info As Soon As You’re Connected

Immediately see everything you need to know about the prospect that our assistant hot transferred to you. All the data we imported is at your fingertips. Check out the platform for yourself.ConversationDriver Interface

Leave Notes and Outcomes

Once your conversation is finished, choose a call out come and enter notes on what happened. This can seamlessly be imported into your CRM as well.

Track Your Dials

Get a pulse on your dialing session. You’ll see how many dials, bad numbers, voicemails, and transfers your current call session had.


Sync Data Effortlessy

Enter data in ConversationDriver, and seamlessly sync it to SalesForce or other CRM.

Log All Activities and Outcomes

Every dial, connection, voicemail, and call outcome is effortlessly logged in the system. Easily export and import this data in your CRM to keep leads up to date.

Import Leads From CRM

Easily import a list of leads you’d like to talk to today from your CRM into ConversationDriver. Be ready to call them in minutes.


Reporting and Analytics Tools

Find and filter all your data to identify trends or new opportunities.

Detailed Reporting

View and export reports on every dialing session. You will know who was called, the outcomes, and any notes left by your sales reps.


Take our detailed call data and identify trends. What job titles yield the most conversations? The most appointments? The most sales?


Want to leave your prospect a voicemail? No problem. Record your voicemail and we’ll play it every time voicemail is hit.